The Art of Mystery

An Outstanding Creator

Batiste million® is a guarantee of the design of exceptional pieces combining technical quality with conceptualized visual works.
Our products are designed according to innovative ideas with the only limit being the imagination of our creators.
We collaborate with artists and designers from different European countries whose inspirations and influences reflect cultural diversity with resolutely Pop Art, Street Art and Graphic Art connotations.

A Unique Fusion

Added to this creative identity, we guarantee impeccable quality and know-how. From the precise choice of materials to the handmade finish on our items. Batiste million® assures you the quality and finishes you deserve. The spirit of the brand and its creation thus guarantee a unique and inimitable quality to which no counterfeit can claim.

A Legacy in the Making

Also, in order to guarantee the authenticity of Batiste million® stamped products, we have equipped each of our pieces with cutting-edge identification technology. This tamper-proof system will allow you to verify the authenticity of your piece in an instant.
The demand for impeccable quality, the authenticity of our products and the trust you place in us are our priority and we will continue to develop ever more efficient and innovative tools to offer you an unrivaled customer experience.
Thank you for your trust.